Friday, 9 May 2014

Dark lipsticks - review & swatches

Over the past year, my obsession with make up has really taken a strong focus on lipsticks and lately on dark lippies. I'm not sure if it's because of the colder weather in Sydney, Lorde...or the fact that I've just been seeing it everywhere these days. Dark lipstick to me is romantic and mysterious.

I admit I had never imagined that I would ever wear dark lipsticks, and I think I am quite a novice when it comes to make up - I am blogging this because I love make up reviews and it really helps me decide what I want to buy next. (Also because I don't like to try tester lipsticks in store so it's always a gamble!)

Here goes! Hope you find this useful xx

1. Sportsgirl Pout about it in Dark Angel
2. Rimmel - Lasting Finish lipstick in Cutting Edge #120
3. Rimmel - Lasting Finish lipstick in Starry-eyed #128
4. Revlon - Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry #477

Dark Angel:

Finish: matte

Shimmer / glitter: no

Application: smooth to apply, a lip liner wouldn't always be necessary for this lipstick

Pigmentation: strong (love it!)

Bleeding:  a little

Colour: dark maroon colour & darkest out of the 4 lipsticks on review

Would I wear this again?: YES! I carry this around with me everywhere

Other notes: 2 layers applied


Cutting Edge:

Finish: creme with slight sheen

Shimmer / glitter: no

Application: glides on

Pigmentation: strong

Bleeding: negligible

Colour: dark purpley plum

Would I wear this again?: Yep. The Plum colour came as a bit of a surprise but I love that it turned out that way

Other notes: berry scented, 2 layers applied



Finish: creme with slight sheen

Shimmer / glitter: no

Application: glides on

Pigmentation: strong

Bleeding:  negligible

Colour: dark plum

Would I wear this again?: Yes

Other notes: berry scented, 2 layers applied


Black Cherry

Finish: labelled as creme (but more of a sheen finish)

Application: I had trouble applying this since it is quite thin and highly pigmented, it bled quite a lot too.

I would definitely reccomend a lip liner with this 

(Although even in school I couldn't colour within the lines so... maybe it's just me!)

Pigmentation: strong

Bleeding:  yes :(

Would I wear this again?: Probably not

Other notes: I did have to apply a few layers to hide the bleeding and especially if your lips arent perfectly moisturised the application of the lipstick will not be even - you can sort of see this in the photo below


And lastly, the swatches

This was taken before I began applying the lipsticks: 2 layers each
L-R: Cutting Edge, Black Cherry, Starry-Eyed, Dark Angel

This was taken after I had finished taking my photos - as you can see the lipsticks have faded (which is a bummer)   but that doesn't bother me much as I don't mind reapplying throughout the day.

As you can see - all these lipsticks are well pigmented and that is because I love intensity when it comes to lipsticks and I tend not to use lip stains or lip glosses. In saying that, it is very possible (with all but the Sportsgirl lipstick) to use these lipsticks as a stain rather than full colour.

I would love to know what you think of this entry, if you found it useful in any way - and if you also have these lipsticks, how you have found them. As they say - each to their own and it is certaintly true for lipsticks when it comes to matching complexions and the colour that comes out on each person's lips.

Thanks for reading! xx


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